Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I've always wanted to do this!

These jeans are size 18.  
Before I had weight loss surgery - they fit me pretty tight.  
Even with Spanx underneath.  
I should have been wearing a size 20.  

Now in wearing a size 14 of the same brand (Old Navy Rock Star) and they are getting loose around the waist and booty!  Sweet!  Hello size 12 - I'm coming for ya!  

I have already lost 65-lbs thanks to weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians.  
I had the gastric sleeve, click here for the details - but they take about 80-percent of your stomach out.  So I'm not hungry and I get full fast. These jeans don't lie!!  

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery - if you have questions about finance and the procedure... you should come to the seminar/open house.  It's happening May 10th at the Rancho Cucamonga offices.  
Meet me, meet Dr Misra and find out which procedure is right for you.  And if you've had something done before and it didn't work - they do revisions too.  
I hope you an make it - I'd love to meet you.  Call 1-800-788-1-4-1-6 to reserve your spot.  

xo, Irm  


Monday, April 28, 2014

it fits. #smallvictories

When I was heavier - one of the things I missed the most was wearing some jewelry.  Like this beautiful bangle bracelet my parents gave me when i graduated from college in 1987.
Well, I found it in an jewelry box and cant believe it!  it fits - with room to spare.
 #happy #smallvictories  #grateful
Thank you Beverly Hills Physicians

   xo, Irm

no really. i'm stuffed.

I talk all the time about how I'm not hungry anymore.  Not as much as i used to be before I had weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians.  I had the gastric sleeve procedure.  Dr Misra removes 80-percent of my stomach.  That part also happens to house the hormone that triggers hunger - So while I'm eating less, I'm just not as hungry.   

This is a typical meal for me.  This is a southwest chicken dish (from Fresh & Easy) and some steamed asparagus.  After a few (carefully chewed) bites - I'm full.  Really.  I'm STUFFED!   
So of course I have a lot of leftovers in the fridge.. lol!  
(This piece of chicken can last 3-4 days for me)  I'm a cheap date now... lol!  
And trust me when I say I used to tear this chicken up before the surgery!  I mean - seriously!  
I would eat ALL of mine and start looking at my husbands from across the table.  lol  (you gonna eat that?) 

xo, Irma

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Wearing my Easter dress.
I'm usually the girl wearing black - and accenting with a springtime colored scarf or sweater.
So this is a huge leap for me!  White strapless gauze-y dress with embroidery.  I can believe I fit into this baby!  (My hubby doesn't like it - But I love it!  Got it at Suo Boutique in Monrovia).   I'm still a little uncomfortable wearing strapless stuff.  So I bought a cute sweater to match.  Still getting used to this new body of mine.
Here is a close up from this year.  #selfie

.. and this is last year. I should have had someone take a picture of us in the same pose ... but I totally forgot.  (notice how i put my child and the basket in front of me?  Trying to cover me up with anything.  lol!   Also - I just noticed Sophia and I really love that pretty light turquoise color huh?  lol!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

xoxo, Irma

Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome to the WLS Club Rosie! xo, Fellow Sleevers

Hello gorgeous!  (You were always beautiful Rosie!)  How great is this before and after pic she posted on her twitter?  Rosie had the gastric sleeve in July and she is already down 50-lbs.  Her caption - 'I can see it now'.  Congrats Rosie!  
Next month on The View Rosie will return to the show.  Actually 11 former and current hosts total on May 15 - all to say goodbye to Barbara Walters - who is officially leaving the show the next day.  Cant wait to see her!  

Rosie inspired me to to a side by side of my face.  Its where I saw the weight loss first!  But I can really see the difference on my arms too.  The one on the left was taken in September at a radio station (Hawaiian themed) event (I'm actually wearing my hubby's shirt) and the pic on the right was taken last month at my nieces baby shower.  Wow - what a difference! 

xo, Irm