Thursday, July 2, 2015

ohhhh - how I love Dr Misra!!!

Check out her website and the video I was asked to be a part of.
She just changes so many lives!
Watch - and then call her!
Tell her I sent you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Veggetti!

Just call me Gadget Girl!!
I'm a sucker for the 'As Seen on TV' stuff. Love trying out gadgets to see if they work and truly make my life easier!  I always love watching those commercials when they film in black and white and the people get so frustrated until they discover the new gadget... cracks me up everytime! 
So, this baby was just calling my name at a Target the other day. I have seen this kind of veggie pasta on a few healthy recipe websites so I was aware of its magical powers - turning boring veggies into delicious pasta!!  
I happy to say it did!! It was easy to use and clean and I just sautéed it with some diced tomatoes and a splash of Arrabiatta sauce from Trader Joes. (The hubby is Italian - we always have some kind of sauce in the house). 


ta da!!!!
Id have to say the only problem is that the 'pasta' is never ending.  so feel free to slice and dice either before you cook or while you are eating.  For a second there I looked like Lucille Ball on that I Love Lucy episode when Lucy was eating pasta at the Brown Derby and Ethel had to cut the noodles with some manicure scissors in front of William Holden!!   Hilarious! 
 click here for the whole episode - its worth watching while you are eating your Veggetti pasta!
xo, Irm 

Snack Attack!! Dont fall victim to this ladies!

I just read this survey this morning - had to share.  

(LighterLife) says  25% of women snack in secret. Other findings:
- women spend over $800 a year on chocolate and other snacks
- 60% of women snack on certain foods they know they shouldn't be eating
- 23% of snacking women have hid food wrappers
- 15% of women have certain hiding places in the house where they can snack in secret
- 10% of women have snacked in the bathroom
- 20% of women have stored snacks in their car's trunk to avoid being caught.
- 35% of women say when they have the house to themselves they see it as their chance to eat what they want and not be judged
- main reasons women snack: they are miserable, sad or stressed!

Wow! I'm definitely guilty of a few of these.  Especially the one where I eat when Im alone in the house - no witnesses means no calories!!  It's so weird the dumb tricks we try to play on ourselves!   
If you feel yourself secretly snacking - ask yourself why. Then maybe take this conversation with yourself outside - away from the temptation.  Fresh air.  Grab a friend for support.  Call me.  I'm going thru it too - so lets help each other out!  
You are not alone - you can do this!!  


Monday, January 12, 2015

Simple Turkey Chili

A cold rainy day calls for a big pot of chili.
I have always been on the lookout for a yummy turkey chili recipe. 
I found this one on  Of course they have over a thousand 'turkey chili' recipes but I think I picked this one because of the word 'simple' in the title.  Lol!
A cold rainy day-off also calls for as little work as possible...
Simple to make... and it was simply delish. 
I will say it was a little soupier than I'm used to.  So I drained a little out to give it a thicker consistency, but I kept the liquid for storage.  I knew there would be left overs (isn't there always after wls?) So when I put it in a sealed glass container for the fridge I stirred in the liquid to keep the dish from drying out.  Isn't chili always better after its been sitting a day or two? 
Simple Turkey Chili
heres what you need...
1/2 tsp olive oil
1 lb of ground turkey
1 chopped onion
2 cups of water
1 28oz can of crushed tomatoes
1 can of kidney beans - drained and a little mashed
1 tbsp. minced garlic
2 tbsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp each of paprika, cayenne powder, cumin, oregano, cumin, salt & pepper
heres what you do...
 Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add turkey and cook until evenly brown. Stir in onion, and cook until tender. 
 Pour water into the pot. Mix in tomatoes, kidney beans, and garlic.  Then all the spices (chili powder, paprika, oregano, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, and pepper). Bring it all to a boil.
Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer 30 minutes. 
I served with a little low-fat shredded cheese.  My hubby added sour cream too. 

WLS Meet & Greet

Got to meet some lovely ladies who have all gone thru WLS this weekend.  (that's me- top row 4th from the left)
It was my first support meet & greet event. 
It was nice.  Great to hear everyone's successes and struggles. 
I was definitely the oldest one there - lol. 
And it seems a lot of these ladies have known each other for a while... but mostly thru Instagram.  Who knew!  Got some recipes, workout tips, headshots and the name of a great lipstick. 
Totally girly kind of afternoon!
Its nice to meet people who have gone thru the same. 
Cheers to staying on track and making new friends. 
xo, Irm