Monday, April 14, 2014

If you have questions - we have answers!!


We are having another party!!  Well - its actually an open house/seminar.  A chance for you to meet me and Dr Misra - talk to the finance department and get all your questions answered.  
We hope you can come.  It's April 26th - 10am.  Completely confidential and free!  

But you have to sign up - because space is limited.  
here's the link. Or give them a call at 800-788-1416.  Tell them you want to attend the Dr Misra Seminar at the Rancho Cucamonga offices with me Irma Blanco from KOLA on April 26th.  

Cant wait to meet you!    

xoxo, Irma

Friday, March 21, 2014

I never wear stripes!

They say stripes make you look wide.  Its one of those fashion rules I have always followed.  The few times I experimented did not end good.  Especially after i saw my reflection somewhere.    
But after losing 63-lbs with weight loss surgery I have gotten a little adventurous.  
We were in Las Vegas recently, walking past a cute boutique and I said I liked this dress in the window.  My husband insisted I try it on.  I started to get that familiar feeling.  I grabbed the size 12 - the only one left.  (mind you -i used to squeeze into a size 18 before wls)  What if it doesn't fit?  What if i look ridiculous?  I should tell you my hubby Peter is my biggest cheerleader, he would never make me feel bad about my looks.  But its more for me in that dressing room mirror, ya know?  
Well - here I am.  
Dressing room selfie. 
I'm smiling.    

xoxo, Irm

Monday, February 24, 2014

60 lbs - finally.

My latest collage of before and after pictures.  I stepped on the scale to see 192 all weekend  - so that's official - right?  I had to retired that lavender shirt because it was too big on me!  

I had weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians in November 2013.  2 weeks after the 'before' pics were taken.  (I started the pre-diet n October - so that's why i use these pics).

I chose the Gastric Sleeve procedure.  The actually cut a portion of your stomach out of your body.  It's done laparoscopically. I have five little marks on my belly... the biggest one is in my belly button - so its not that visible.  All of them healed beautifully.  I has the procedure on a Friday and was driving that Monday.  I wasn't running a marathon or anything - I was definitely slow and took a little extra time to do simple things (sit down, stand up...etc)      

  The part they remove has the hormone that triggers hunger.  So I'm not hungry all the time. And I'm making smarter choices.  Eating smaller healthier portions - and still enjoy going out and a little wine or sweets here and there.  Beverly Hills Physicians also has the Lap Band and they do revisions.  If you have had weight loss surgery before and it didn't work - they might have a solution for you too.

We are planning a little free get-together soon.  Its in the early stages, so I don't have details yet.  But if you are interested - shoot me an email.  

xo, Irm


No Pasta in my Lasagna!!

This was so easy to make - and super delicious! 
I used zucchini instead of pasta.  So it eliminates the carb count by so much!!  plus you get your veggies!  Also,   - use skim ricotta and cheeses, low fat beef or turkey (even better!) and you've got a pretty healthy hearty meal.  Click here for the Zucchini Lasagna recipe from Skinny Taste.  
just before it goes into the oven
cheesy gooey goodness - yum!! 

I wish you could smell this - incredible!  Enjoy!!
xo, Irm

Monday, February 17, 2014

60-lbs! give or take...

When people ask me how much weight I've lost - I give them my latest number and usually end it with 'more or less.  give or take'.   We all know how the scale likes to keep you guessing depending on the time of day, right?  I try not to get on the scale during the day.  Because sometimes I'm down a lot - then a day later I'm up a pound or two.  So I try to weight myself early in the am - that seems to be the most accurate.  I know I'm down more than 55-lbs. Its been an average of about 57-58 lbs.  But this weekend I made the mistake and weighed myself in the afternoon.  It said I was down to 192.  Which is 60 pounds total loss since October!!!  It said a different number the next morning - but hey it wasn't off by much.  So I've become the queen of saying 'give or take'.  Lol.  Still, its been very exciting since I had weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians.  I have learned so much about weight loss and healthy eating thanks to their after-care program.

Remember - Weight loss surgery is not the cure to obesity - but its a tool to help me get to my healthy weight and lifestyle.  There is still a lot of work to be done - and making healthy food choices is at the top of the list.

Here is a few of my favorite recipe websites and here is the link to my new favorite site - i-lost-what! - it calculates how much you lost with common stuff.  pretty cool.  I've been playing with it all weekend.  lol!  

Skinny Taste - has great healthy recipes that you can modify with servings.  Plus an awesome collection of crock pot recipes.  (and the pictures are gorgeous!)  Crockpot Santa Fe chicken is a family favorite at my house.

My Recipes - has something for everyone.  their healthy tab includes recipes for vegetarians, gluten free, calorie counting and the heart healthy.  Plus crockpot and kid recipes for picky eaters.  

Peggy K - you've probably seen her adorable face on The Talk, The Today Show and Dr Oz.  She is fabulous at teaching us to make comfort foods healthier.  (Hello - Zucchini Lasagna??  Amazing!  I'm making it this week - so I will post pics and a step by step for you!)  Also she has a new book out called Kitchen Cures - a must have!  

Happy Cooking!!
xo, Irma

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cleaning house....

I spend the weekend shopping.  Sort of.  I was shopping in my own closet.  
Drives my husband crazy when he hears me say 'I have nothing to wear'.  He would say 'you have closets full of clothes!!  But what he didn't understand - nothing fit me.  
i have clothes - probably too many (but i will never admit that to my hubby).  and i always tried them on only to find it was too tight or wouldn't even close!  then i would go back to the old yoga pants and a simple shirt with a long cover-up (jackets, sweater etc) to finish the look.  
this is the pile of clothing I'm giving away since I have now lost 57lbs since my weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians.  and there is more!  So excited and grateful!  

xo, Irm

Monday, February 10, 2014

who needs chips?

My new obsession!  Cucumber slices.  
I like to use a 'vehicle' when i eat.  chips and crackers for dips.  bread and tortillas for everything else!  lol! 
but i find that breads and other grains can be very filling.  My stomach is not what it used to be so i dont want to fill it up with breads too quickly... and miss out on some other good foods. (and nutrients).  
So I'm getting creative.  
Cucumber slices and my tuna fish or chicken salad - delish!  There is a kale and spinach dip that Trader Joes makes - so good with these cucumber slices too.
its a good option.  especially when you see the numbers.    
serving of tortilla chips - 293 calories. 
serving of whole wheat crackers - 120-calories. 
serving of cucumber slices - 8 calories!!!!  

xo, irma