Friday, December 13, 2013

Before and after!! Which one should I wear?

Amazing - right?! 
(I promise you – these pics have not been altered!)
I have already lost a total of 44-lbs since I started my journey with BEVERLY HILLS PHYSICIANS.  I’m seriously – HALF the person i used to be!! 7 weeks later.  I had weight loss surgery November 8, but there is a 2 week pre-diet just to get your body ready for the procedure.
I can finally fit into this dress again – and these pics are without the help of Spanx!  LOL!  

But I can't decide if I’m wearing this black one shoulder dress tonight to the KOLA Holiday party or the gray dress.  Thoughts?  I could use your help... comment below and let me know.  Try to picture them with Spanx, good hair, makeup and fancy shoes.  lol!  

I’m so grateful to Dr Misra and Beverly Hills Physicians for changing my life.  I don’t have to write ‘lose weight’ on my resolution list anymore!
Don’t make another resolution… make the call!  its free!  The call and the consultation.  1-800-788-1416.
Tell them I sent you.

xo, Irma


  1. I like the Black one, then you can accessorize with favorite colors. You look Great.

  2. Love the black one! You look great :)